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Secure systems


What they can’t see they can’t attack or steal.


VGL LABS is working to protect your personal and professional data.  Our hardware integrates with your existing system to separate your online activity from the primary hardware.  

Even the simplest online activity provides an opening for hackers to collect your data or attack your system with malware.  So far, software solutions provide only half-measures.  Those solutions are spotty, or themselves vulnerable to attack as seen by the number of data breaches. That is why it is well accepted that the safest hardware solution is an airgapped computer:  one that has no contact with the outside world except through an authorized user.  Unfortunately, this is not a feasible solution for most commercial or retail users, who depend on internet access to perform daily functions.  

Our Secure Systems platform solves this problem by physically separating your personal data from your online activity, essentially recreating the experience of using an airgapped computer, without the hassle.  VGL LABS received two patents in order to build this platform, which integrates into your existing system.  It is also a lifetime solution.  Because it physically separates any potential online threats from your data, Secure Systems does not rely on software that will need to be upgraded.  Nor does it need to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of malware and data mining tools.

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