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The passwords and the Key prevent access by unauthorized people.  When the key is removed, the system can't be accessed by people on line.  The contents of the key or stored data to verify the contents of the key are  not readable by the software or from internet


We have two approaches to address this problem

The current computer design has a serious flaw.  if one gains access to the system they can freely get at everything.

The best way is not to connect the system that has sensitive data, to internet.  However, we need internet for several daily activities.

We create a way to separate the internet activities from the regular work , thus creating  an airgap like system.

In one approach, the hard drive and the memory used are different for normal activates and internet activities.  Thus, if an attack occurs all they see is the hard drive and memory used to connect to internet.  the contents can be easily replaced thus making the attack ineffective to get your data or disrupt your system.  This is our first patent.  

But, this requires replacing or modifying current system.

The second approach is to build a controller with a second computer in it  which is dedicated to access internet.  this would allow one to keep your original system but add this to make it secure.  Either approach makes the system secure.  This all done in hardware so it cant be bypassed or modified by online people.  This is the subject of our second patent.

That is why we call them secure systems

We have a prototype of the second approach since it is quicker to add to the existing system than replacing . 

A controller with a mini computer is developed.  All the user have to do is re arrange keyboard, mouse, video and internet cables.

No software to be installed or need experts to install.  It is one time purchase.  Since it is done in hardware, can't be modified or bypassed by online entities.

If an attack occurs, the computer connected to the internet only is affected.  its hard drive can be erased, formatted  or replaced without loosing any data on the primary computer.  This is lot simpler than , say, paying for ransomware or loosing important data.

The primary computer is not connected to the internet 

Any data needed from internet or to be sent on internet is first transferred to an USB drive in the controller that can be seen by both computers, one at a time, giving the user control of all data transfers.


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