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How it Works


Single Passwords are vulnerable from people guessing or stealing from the system.  One can bypass the verification by modifying the verification code to 'always verified'.

This system uses two passwords.  One password is entered by inserting an electronic key.  This password is typically up to 128 bytes long.  the hardware key, which is read and verified by the hardware, thus eliminating the possibility of "malware" bypassing the password check and gaining access to the system.  the second password is what you normally use to login to your system.  Once logged in to the system, the key is checked at random intervals to make sure that it is still present. 



We have a two-factor authentication without reaching for your phone or email.  An electronic key has a password which is verified by hardware in your system, thus avoiding possibility of someone stealing the password or entering form online.

The electronic Key can be made by the user with a special adopter that comes with the system, which is removed after the key is made thus preventing others, except the user, modifying the key.  Once a key is made, it can't be duplicated in the system or outside of the system.  If an attempt is made to make two copies, only the last one will be usable.

In order to create a long password, the user can use a news item, a favorite passage or a picture of user choice.

for example, a picture from a recent trip.  Thus, the password in the key is easy to create and change as often as one wants, without much effort. 

 Insert the key, to gain access to the system.   if a key is lost or stolen, a new key can be made which immediately makes the old key invalid.  Since the key is made by the user, if there are several terminals, it will only allow access to the terminal that made the key.

The second factor is your normal login into the system.

When the key is removed All I/O access to the system is disabled thus preventing prowlers from accessing your system when you are not present.  This is no different from what you do with your car keys.  would you leave your car keys in the car?

The password in the key can't be entered in any way other than inserting the key into the system  This prevents online people from trying to enter the password.

The Key

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