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The Full Story


Read an article about how fast people can break a password of 8 to 10 characters (64 to 80 bits).  to make it very difficult to break, wanted to make the password 1024 bits (128 characters).  It is difficult to type 128character password, every time to login.  so, an electronic key is made to contain and present the large password to login, in addition to the computer's password.  

A large password verified by software can be stolen and used by online people.  Need means of preventing that.  If the key is read by and verified by hardware, that is not accessible to internet, we can prevent online people accessing the system by brute force or with stolen passwords.  That is what is done in our design

Like most secure systems, normal activity is separated from internet activity by adding a PC to our controller.  The hardware connects the I/O to either the primary computer or the one in the controller.  The internet is connected only to the pc in the controller and not to the primary system.  Infact, the primary system is not connected to the internet and is not accessible to them.  Hence the statement " What they can't see, they can't attack or steal".

Using our system eliminates the need to stop what you are doing to go to a second system, perhaps located at a different location, loose time and the thought process.  In our system the switch occurs at the desktop with a simple push of a button.  This saves time and helps continuity of thought - process while keeping your primary system safe from online predators

The user controls data movement to or from host to internet via a memory stick that can be seen by both sides, one at a time.  In addition, when using the host, the internet is disconnected from the system, so there is no background activity to steal data.

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